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Description of VirtualBox Manager 4.0+

VirtualBox Manager is back and better then ever. Fully optimized for Android 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich, the application has been completely rebuilt.

VirtualBox Manager is an SSH based remote management solution designed specifically for Linux hosts. If your host is on the internet with an SSH server that's all you need for completely secure access.

With full support for 4096 bit RSA public key authentication your server management tasks can be done remotely using a maximized security protocol.

The entire interface has been tweaked with proper ActionBar design patterns, and is extremely memory efficient. Each host can have a custom image selected from your phone's Gallery and you can have as many hosts as you'd like. There are no limits to the amount of hosts or machines that you can manage.

VirtualBox Manager is completely automated, and here's how it works. First you setup your host's info, including a username and a password. You'll need to connect first using password authentication, then VirtualBox automatically handles uploading the public key to the server and adding it to your authorized_keys2 file; you simply press the upload key button in the action bar. Public key authentication is then enabled, and you can completely disable password authentication on the server to maximize security.

You can enable and disable public key authentication at any time, and you can re-generate the RSA key at any time. VirtualBox Manager uses a single RSA key, which can be uploaded to as many hosts as desired.

Start, stop, pause, restart, and save your virtual machines from anywhere your phone has data connectivity. VirtualBox Manager was built because I found a use for it, and I publish it on the Play Store so others can enjoy its powerful functionality. VirtualBox Manager is 100% free and is my way of contributing to the power of Android :)

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APK Version 1.6
Compatibility Android 2.2.x+ (Froyo)
Developer Tao Wang
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